Specialist Consultations

Physiotherapeutic Consultations

Sports physiotherapy, physiotherapy after injuries and injuries, physiotherapy of back pain syndromes, functional diagnostics, physiotherapy in oncology, diagnostics of scoliosis and posture defects.

Marek Wiecheć, PhD - physiotherapy specialist

Consultation after prior telephone registration

Phone number 0048412482333


Orthopedic consultations

Orthopedist, Specialist in Orthopedics and Traumatology Jerzy Borowiec

Possibility to perform USG using high-level diagnostic equipment.

You are welcome to schedule an appointment on Tuesdays: from 3:30

PM Phone registration 41 248 23 33


Consultation of a medical rehabilitation doctor

Neurodevelopmental and functional diagnostics of newborns and young children, consultations in the field of medical rehabilitation, posture defects, general rehabilitation.

spec. reh med. lek. med. Katarzyna Szczepaniak

Friday 9.00-12.00