Rehabilitation Center

MARKMED Rehabilitation Center is a facility with wide therapeutic and diagnostic capabilities, dedicated to patients who are willing to recover health and fitness in modern, comfortable and friendly conditions, at which we are prepared to manage difficult and problematic cases, we are willing to meet the expectations of patients requiring extraordinary proceedings.

Innovative solution of organizing the work with patient at MARKMED Rehabilitation Center, as well as MARKMED Office, in form of using multipotential treatment stations, equipped with multi-task physicotherapeutic devices and electric rehabilitations tables, provides broad perspectives of working with a patient and most of all, possibility to perform all procedures in one place, without the need to undress and dress the patient and change the location of performing the particular procedure. This method of organization presents particular importance in case of elderly patients, with great motor dysfunction or intense pain sensations, provides savings of time the patient has to dedicate for therapy, and in case of the therapist - it improves the ergonomics and effectiveness of work and its results.

The process of treatment at MARKMED Rehabilitation Center has a specific course which includes appropriate procedures:

  • consultation
  • possibly complete and in-depth diagnostic imaging
  • functional diagnostics
  • therapy along with fixed monitoring and directing process
  • short- and long-term assessment of therapy results
  • objective assessment of achieved therapy effects

Associating a therapist to a patient is a key element of our patient work system. One therapist is responsible for the entire process of therapy with particular patient. It is this therapist who performs all the therapeutic actions and is responsible for them.

Possibility of personalized patient-therapy relation increases the therapy standard and makes it more effective and friendly for the patient, and at the same time it forces the therapist to show professionalism, knowledge and experience, as well as the ability to make therapeutic decisions.

Qualified and constantly improving own skills, knowledge and competence, the physiotherapeutic personnel is the base of office's operation and it is the personnel who provides high quality and appropriate level of completed procedures.

Latest physical therapy devices operated by competent and educated personnel, while maintaining standards and following the procedure time limits assures efficient and safe therapy.

We cooperate with a wide range of specialists: physicians, diagnosticians - we can always count on their help and opinions. We always make use of it if our patients' well-being requires to do so.

Because of cooperation with selected companies in terms of orthopedic supplies and hygienic safety of the patient makes our patient always receive suitably chosen and appropriate quality items and aids which are necessary for the patient.


Sports physiotherapy

It is a great challenge we took up in 2005 when starting cooperation with the Polish Swimming Federation (PZP) and over years, engaging into physiotherapeutical work with National Junior and Senior PZP Team. We cooperated with the best Polish swimmers, Olympic champions, world champion and European champions, many time Polish champions, competitors of the national team in different age groups, during preparations for the most important competitions on national and international scale, including Olympic Games, World and European Championships, also accompanying them while providing physiotherapeutic assistance during these events.

Actions taken by us resulted in cooperation with next representativies of high performance sports. And so, we had the opportunity to work with triathletes from the National Team of the Polish Triathlon Association, and fast swimmers from the National Team of the Polish Underwater Federation. Our experiences also include providing medical care to players of the current first division team, AZS WSBiP KSZO Ostrowiec, players of the first league handball team, KSZO-Odlewnia Ostrowiec Św., competitors of the French synchronized swimming team, competitors of swimming teams from Sweden, Denmark, Germany, representatives of other sports disciplines such as football, water polo, athletics and cycling. We are willing to develop further, in the direction of sports physiotherapy and to make use of obtained experience when working with new novices in competitive sports.

We have many years of experience in working with different patients who approached us with various diseases and dysfunctions. We are grateful that so many patients trusted us and we appreciate that we were able to provide effective help for so many people.

Administrative personnel coordinates the patient management in a correct way and provides safe medical document transfer, according to the guidelines of the Personal Information and Sensitive Data Protection Act.

We perform procedures in a broad sense of physiotherapy:


  • functional diagnostics,
  • noninvasive body posture diagnostics and spine analysis,
  • diagnostics and therapy of balance and proprioception.


electrotherapy, laser therapy, high-intensity laser therapy (HIL), ultrasound therapy, magnetic field, magnetic field using FMF technology, PST signal field therapy, SWT shockwave therapy, high frequency field, IR and UV light therapy, polarized light, hydrotherapy, local cryotherapy using nitrogen, classic massage, vacuum massage, manual and mechanical lymphatic drainage, DEEP OSCILATION therapy, BODY FLOW therapy, classic kinesitherapy, CPM and CAM therapy, individual kinesiterapy using neurophysiology methods (PNF, NDT Bobath, DNS, cranial-sacral therapy, Mc Kenzie Therapy), broad sense of Manual Therapy, Kinesiology Taping..

We were awarded with ISO 9001 quality certificate as a confirmation of high level of our operations.

Personal data protection at medical facilities: