FED Method at Our Center

FED Method at MARKMED Rehabilitation Center

At MARKMED Rehabilitation Center, the FED Method is conducted according to its principles. The therapy is conducted by experienced physiotherapists, with particular stress, apart from the FED device itself, is put on DIER body posture diagnostics, correctly performed X-ray diagnostic imaging, performed at Radiology Room which cooperates with us, analytical kinesitherapy and supporting kinesitherapy, as well as correctly selected orthopedic support.

Price List for FED Procedures

It is possible to undergo single FED treatments (150 PLN), buy a series of 10 treatments (1350 PLN) or 20 treatments (2550 PLN)

For patients willing to go on rehabilitation camp and stay in our city during therapy, we offer the possibility of using accommodation with board at Accademia hotel. For MARKMED Rehabilitation Center's patients, both FED camp participants and patients willing to use other forms of rehabilitation at our center, the Accademia hotel prepared a special price offer. Booking and information tel. 412654222.


budynekHotel Accademia al. 3-go maja 13 tel.: 412654222.

In addition, there would be a possibility to enjoy attractions at the RAWSZCZYZNA sports facility, with an Olympic swimming pool and water recreation zone. There is a possibility of doing exercises and conducting physiotherapy in water.

In your free time, we recommend exploring the Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski area, rich in all sorts of tourist attractions. We would like to invite you  i.e. to a visit in Jura Park in Bałtów, neolithic banded flint mine in Krzemionki, Świętokrzyskie Mountains, AS Porcelain Factory in Ćmielów, The Castle and American bison farm in Kurozwęki and many, many more interesting locations.