Privacy Policy

Data collected by website

The website allows to maintain user anonymity when using the site. It collects data in system logs (i.e. IP address) for technical purposes (related to server administration) and in order to collect general demographic data. Registration at website requires to complete a form in which one has to provide information allowing to contact the user (e-mail address). This information is used by us for necessary contacts with the users.


What is the website's policy regarding "cookies" files?dotycząca plików "cookies"?

Your web browser may store text files ("cookies") on your computer's hard drive. "Cookie" files contain information necessary for correct website operation, especially those requiring authorization. Personal data is not processed or stored using cookie files.

The website stores cookie files on users' computers for the purpose of:

  • keeping the user session (after logging in), thanks to which user does not have to provide user name and password at every page;
  • creating viewing statistics for our content-related partners and advertisement providers;
  • presenting Internet ads with the content mostly related to user's interests.


How is information protected?

Information is stored and processed by while maintaining appropriate safety measures, compliant with Polish law requirements.


Is submitted personal information shared with other entities?

The website contains or will contain sites (e.g. forum) in which contents submitted by the user (e.g. opinions, questions, etc.) become publicly available. The user may publish own contents at these sites only after authorization and its user's own decision on how to sign them.


The right to choose

The website gives its users the ability to choose if and to what extent they would like to use our services and share own information. Most of our sites are available without the necessity to provide information about oneself, only some services and sites require signing in. Signing in at is a voluntary user's decision and the user may resign and delete own personal data and account at any time.



Technology progress and's offer growth result in potential changes in our privacy policy and we will inform about these changes on our website.



The following descriptions do not form strict definitions. Their aim is only to offer an insight into some terms used in this document.

  • cookie - is a small information saved by the server on user's computer in cookie.txt file which the server can read upon reconnection of this computer.
  • system log - is an information which the user's computer transmits to the server upon each connection, it can contain various data (e.g. IP number), using which it is possible to determine more or less accurately where the connection came from,
  • IP address - individual number which is usually given to each computer connected to the Internet, IP number may be related to particular computer in a fixed way (static) or assigned to it for particular connection (dynamic) Editorial Team