MARKMED Motor Rehabilitation
Marek Wiecheć (MARKMED Rehabilitacja Ruchowa Marek Wiecheć) is a medical company established in 1997.

Since the very beginning we are engaged in broadly defined physiotherapeutic, educational and health promoting activities: prevention, therapies, health education, scientific studies, trainings for physiotherapists and physicians.

Our advertising slogan: "We treat rehabilitations seriously!"  is also a starting point and a point of reference to actions taken by us regarding physiotherapy.

Our activities in terms of physiotherapy are characterized by professionalism and attention to patient's wellbeing.

Professional, standard-compliant procedure performance, appropriate therapy course is guaranteed by brilliantly prepared, competent, educated and specialized physiotherapeutic personnel.

Our facilities are equipped with the latest and constantly updated physiotherapeutic and diagnostic equipment.

Speeches, articles and scientific works prepared by us basing on professional experience obtained at our facilities are the best hallmark of the type, quality and efficiency of therapies conducted and decisions made by us.

Possibility of working with the best high performance sports competitors in the most difficult moments a sportsman can face during treatment of injuries or trauma is a sign of the utmost trust and confidence in the effects of our work.

Courses and trainings organized and conducted by us present high content-related and organization level.

Certificates received by us and distinctions and prizes we have been awarded with confirm our professionalism, caring about the quality of our services and patient/customer satisfaction, typical for all of our actions.

We are open to suggestions and we openly accept all constructive opinions and remarks, because we realize that thanks to them we could constantly improve ourselves.

We are aware of the fact that all of our efforts and endeavours will ultimately be verified and evaluated by our patients.

Feel invited to use our services.