Home Visits

Home Visits

For patients who due to their dysfunctions, complaints or type disease cannot use therapy at our Center, we prepared a home rehabilitation program. As a part of this service, patients have an opportunity to use physiotherapeutic consultations conducted by physiotherapists with specialization degree, and based on that, an appropriate rehabilitation program for individual patient can be prepared.

At patients home, our therapists can provide a full range of physiotherapeutic procedures, using not only their knowledge, skills and manual capabilities, but also mobile physiotherapeutic equipment, present at our Center.

Based on knowledge and experience, skills and competences, as well as being equipped with mobile machines and devices for procedures, we are able to perform a wide range of physiotherapeutic procedures at home:

  • in terms of physical therapy: currents, laser, ultrasounds, magnetic field, PST field, polarized light,
  • in terms of kinesitherapy: passive motion CPM, classic kinesitherapy, neurophysiological and special methods
  • in terms massage and lymphatic draining: deep oscillation, classic massage, sports massage, lymphatic draining.

Patients who require long-term rehabilitation, struggling with complications such as bedsores, injuries, contractures, retention, have a special position in terms of providing rehabilitations services at home.

We are prepared to manage and we have experience in management of bed-confined patients, those after sever multiple organ trauma, traffic accidents, surgeries, oncological and neurological patients, as well as patients having difficulties with moving, with limited mobility, patients with dementia.

We are also available for people who would simply like to have certain physiotherapeutic procedures performed at home conditions.